Promotional Ideas For Your Golf Course

Are you struggling to keep up with business at your golf course due to lack of customers coming into play? A lack of paying customers can spell trouble for a business, and your main goal for your course should be able to bring in income so you can continue to keep your doors open for the public to continue to enjoy playing golf at your course.

How can you reinvigorate interest in your golf course? By stirring up some promotion! You can use some of the following ideas to get you inspired to come up with ideas to promote your golf course and get more people coming in once again.

Think About Having a Social Media Special

An account on one of the major social media platforms such as Facebook will help your golf course get eyes on it. Local people follow local businesses they enjoy frequenting online, so get yourself in front of people by offering a discounted game if they found your ad on social media. 

Allow Kids to Play For Free

Many folks enjoy a round of golf with their kids, so why not help families save a little money by allowing children a certain age or younger to play for free? Some courses might allow kids 12 or younger free games. The age is up to you, but experimenting with free games for kids might encourage a lot more families to come in.

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Have a Discounted Golf Day

Think about having a special day each week or each month where all golf games are discounted. You might see a lot of extra business on this day, which can bring in a considerable amount of money for you.

Teeing Off For Promotion

Ready to turn your golf course back around? Get creative with your promotion, or hire the help of golf management professionals who can help you come up with excellent ideas, and you will hopefully begin to see business resume once again at your golf course. Become the most talked about game in town by using some of these tips and coming up with some of your own to let your customers know to com check you out once more.