5 Common Reasons for Arrest in Cleveland

Hundreds of Cleveland residents find themselves behind bars every single day. While the list of criminal charges arrestees face is extensive, some are more common than others. Like the five on our list below. These are common reasons that people go to jail in Cleveland.

1- Assault- Assault occurs when a person threatens physical violence or commits physical violence against another person.  This charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances of the event. A person who commits violence toward a family member is said to have committed domestic violence.

2- Theft – Theft is another common charge bestowed upon Cleveland residents. A theft over $1000 is considered a felony charge, which may cause the person to be sentenced to time in prison if convicted. A person can be charged with theft if they take personal property from a private or commercial property or person.

3- Drugs- A variety of drug charges come about in this area, from simple possession to manufacturing. Any drug charge is serious business and can turn life upside down if convicted of the crime.

4- DUI- Driving under the influence endangers so many lives. It is a serious crime in Ohio, despite being a misdemeanor charge for a first offense, unless another person is hurt while you operate a vehicle while under the influence.

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5- Property Crimes – A number of types of property crimes can result in an arrest. Burglary, larceny, and theft all fall into property crimes, as long as no one was hurt during the commission of the crime.

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