Best Tips For Pest Prevention

The last thing that we want is to be overrun by pests, insects or bugs.  In the world today there are approximately one hundred thousand insects for every human.  That is an amazing factor to consider when it comes to mosquito control company in Colts Neck.  Out of all the insects that we have to deal with, mosquitoes are probably the most annoying since they are everywhere.

One good thing about mosquitoes is that they are only around for a short time each year.  The bad thing is that it is during the summer when we want to spend time outside enjoying the warm inviting weather. With this in mind, many people are looking at ways to beat these pests and preventing them from entering our environment to begin with.


Smoke is a great deterrent for mosquitoes.  When we burn smoke, we create a barrier around us that the mosquitoes don’t like.  Also, the better the throw of the smoke the larger the barrier of protection we have.  This is why most people will burn candles, torches and even start fires to keep these insects away.

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Protective bubbles

Another trend that people are doing is creating spaces within a protective bubble.  This can be done in a number of different ways.  They can be done literally by purchasing a protective bubble made out of plastic or they can create an enclosed space in their home such as porch or patio that has a screened in area.

Poisons and other sprays

One way that most companies will go about protecting you is to spray poisons and other toxins into your area. The mindset behind this is that these poisons will kill them where they live, kill their eggs and prevent them from coming back.  The problem with this is that some poisons cause more harm than good and will eventually come back and bite us harder than the mosquitoes.